A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A 15-minute investigative point-and-click which rewards attention to detail.

Liverpool, England. 1911. A police inspector is brought in to talk to residents on the street he grew up in, to determine the perpetrator of a recent murder. There are three suspects - some more likely to be the murderer than others and one very unlikely; an ‘easy’ conviction. It’s your job to find the truth.

Made entirely in two weeks for Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 8. The title comes from Idle Thumbs Network podcast Terminal7 - Episode 8.

End scene now works correctly. If you see the occasional 'LSEP' icon in text boxes, don't worry, you're not missing any text. It's just a line break return that shows up oddly in Windows.

Install instructions

Please run at 16:9 aspect ratio!


EYBWS_WindowsBuild0.12.zip 113 MB
EYBWS_MACBuild0.12.app.zip 117 MB
EYBWS_LinuxBuild0.12.zip 146 MB

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